Landscaping artificial turf

Landscape architecture has gained huge popularity in the recent years. If you live in a limited rainfall area or have been curtailed from using sufficient water resource, then artificial turf is the solution for you. Landscaping with artificial turf is an environmentally responsible way of outdoor beautification of your property.

With advancement in technology, artificial turfs have come a long way and they appear as natural as real grass. These artificial turfs are in harmony with environment attributing to look like an attractive natural lawn. These landscaped artificial turfs look amazing all through the season with little maintenance.

Some important factors that one should consider while choosing the right flooring option are:

  • No mowing or weeding or watering required
  • No grass-pollen that causes allergy
  • No fertilizers required
  • Lush green all season throughout the year
  • Feels like real grass
  • No toxic materials
  • Good drainage system to keep the underfoot dry
  • Child and pet friendly
  • UV resistant and anti-fading


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Artificial Turf

Product USP

  • Eliminates expenses of maintaining and watering

  • Earth friendly landscape solutions

  • Natural appearance

  • Incorporates different shades

  • Quality engineered

  • Strong durable blades

  • Luxurious appearance

  • No spots or bare patches due to pet urine

  • Durable and reasonable pricing

Product technical specifications

  • Environment friendly and 100% recyclable
  • UV stability at scale 5
  • Permeability: 85 l/min./sqm
  • Inflammability: Class 2
  • Fiber pull-out: Superior to 30N
  • Toxicity: Free
  • Environment friendly and 100% recyclable

Rayzon works closely with the customers to offer the right landscape artificial turf solution as per their requirement. Appropriate advice with excellent after sales service is Rayzon's strength.

Ancillary Works

  • Mapping
  • Fencing, railing and wall construction
  • Roads, paths, ramps and pavements
  • Treatment, monitoring and eradication
  • Removal of vegetation, hazardous waste and general site debris
  • Fixtures and drainage
  • Lighting systems, furniture and signage
  • Manitenance

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Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are a great way to bring greenery around you. At Rayzon, we’ve created artificial vertical garden solution that allow you to readily add beautiful greenery to any space. These can be installed with minimal horizontal space. Our artificial wall gardens are a great way to bring life to any commercial and retail spaces, office buildings, courtyards and hospitals. Our artificial vertical gardens are "No Maintenance" products. These artificial vertical gardens do not require any sunlight or watering, just a casual periodic dusting will do.

Advantages of vertical gardens

  • Artificial vertical gardens need very minimal maintenance. Quick periodical dusting is more than enough.
  • Artificial vertical gardens are best suited for places where it’s practically impossible to have live plants.
  • Artificial plants are far more economical than having live plants in the long term.
  • Artificial vertical gardens bring life to any space.
  • Artificial vertical gardens do not require irrigation or light.
  • No dead spots due to damaged leaves or pests.
  • Greenery has an instant calming effect, so vertical garden walls can add much needed zen into your environment.
  • A artificial vertical wall can help soften the impact of traffic or noisy surroundings.
  • It can be installed in both indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Outdoor products can sustain all types of weather, UV rays, rain and cold for about 2 - 5 years depending on the location.

Rayzon can design and install artificial vertical gardens both for indoor and outdoor spaces. You may choose a single shade of green or a mix of green shades for hedges and shrubs look. We can offer a variety of options depending upon the space availability and your budget.

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