Rayzon offers a very economical and practical solution to all your sporting needs by providing players an ideal surface to play and improve their skills. Safety is the prime concern for players of any level. Our sports flooring solutions are designed to promote safe playing surfaces, no matter what sport you are playing.

Multi-purpose court finds its importance in clubs, schools, and councils where the courts will be used regularly by many different user groups. Professionally designed and constructed multi-purpose courts by Rayzon will be of highest quality, reducing the likelihood of injury.

We are a certified company bringing the right solution for your sports infrastructure. Our team comprises of necessary expertise, experience, and quality workmanship.

Some important factors that one should consider while choosing the right flooring option are:

  • Durability
  • Aesthetic design
  • Good traction and resilience
  • Economical/cost effective
  • Resistant to flaking and peeling
  • Fully customised
  • Hassle free maintenance and easy surface treatment
  • Easy to repair or replace Partial repair
  • Impact and abrasion resistant
  • Value for money and diversified use


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Artificial Grass

Artificial grass gives a complete transformation from an old boring playground to a nice, all-weather, multi-sport playground. This flooring finds its installation in schools, community centres and sports clubs. We offer distinctive multi-sport synthetic turf options which can be used independently or in combination. We have short pile synthetic turfs, long pile synthetic turfs, and landscape grass.

Product USP

  • Vivid hues and bright

  • Weather resistant

  • Non-slippery

  • Safe and durable

  • Multi-use grounds can include different line markings

  • No-watering required

Product technical specifications

  • Suitable for both indoor/outdoor
  • High resistance to wear & tear, UV rays and various weather conditions
  • Available in different colours
  • Can be installed over an existing asphalt or concrete base, or fully constructed on natural turf areas.
  • The carpets will be joined on a seaming tape with the help of a special adhesive
  • Filled with silica sand by special machinary

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PU Flooring

Rayzon's high-quality PU flooring finds its application in multi-purpose courts. PU flooring is the newest sports surface option for indoor and outdoor sports ground surface. These floorings are superior weather resistant, wear resistant and have good tensile strength.

Product USP

  • High vibration absorption

  • Stable structure and high rebound coefficient

  • High strength and wear resistance

  • Easy installation

  • International standard certification

  • Durable, aesthetic appearence and safe

  • Easy maintenance and partial repair is possible

  • Can be repeatedly disassembled and used

Product technical specifications

  • Buffer coat layer for comfort
  • Durable silicon PU finish for good balance/anti-skid properties
  • Seamless design
  • Closed surface for no dirt/bacteria
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Environment friendly
  • Water-proof
  • Good shock absorption
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Acrylic Flooring

Selecting the right flooring option is very important as far as a good sports infrastructure is concerned. Rayzon offers a variety of surfacing products to suit vivid requirements. With an effort to offer quality products, Rayzon supplies and installs floors that meet highest standards.

Rayzon's acrylic flooring surfaces are known for its quality, workmanship and know-how. We offer a range of surfaces from usual hard court to highly cushioned surfaces. Our surfaces come with material warranty of 1 year and 5-7 years of lifespan meeting all industry standards. These courts can be easily installed in less time, offering value for the money invested.

Product USP

  • All-weather acrylic court surface

  • Slip and glare resistant

  • Available in textured colours

  • Environment friendly

  • Good shock absorption

  • Consistent ball bounce

  • Reduces player fatigue

Product technical specifications

  • UV resistant
  • Pre-fabricated shockpad for player's comfort
  • Superior abrasion and UV resistant
  • 100% environment friendly
  • Application on concrete and asphalt surfaces
  • Even pace and grip ideal for multi-purpose court
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PVC Flooring

Rayzon is a leading solution provider for multi-purpose court PVC Flooring. Our flooring is known for its supreme quality and perfect finish. Our flooring solutions can be customized keeping the customer's requirements in mind. The PVC Flooring offered by our company comes with a longer lifespan.

Product USP

  • Highly durable

  • High performance surfaces

  • Available in various colours

  • Conforms to global standards

  • Longer lifespan

  • Excellent resilience

  • Easy to maintain

Product technical specifications

  • Vibration free
  • Impact resistant and comfortable
  • Good load capacity
  • Strong and durable
  • Weather-resistant design
  • 100% PVC material
  • Use of polyurethane material

Ancillary Works

  • Flood lighting
  • Pvp fencing
  • Iron columns
  • Drainage
  • Cushioning
  • Landscaping around courts
  • Seating

Rayzon can supply all the necessary accessories and equipments for a multipurpose court like net systems, padding, poles, etc.

With Rayzon, it is possible to get solutions and surfaces to play different sports without visiting different playing areas and these multi-purpose courts are suitable for people of all age groups. You can experience all your favorite sports at one place.

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