Rayzon PP tiles are gaining huge popularity among the various outdoor flooring options available. The high-quality plastic used is highly sustainable and long-lasting. This product is portable and gives the flexibility to the customer to choose the desired design pattern. It can be installed as per the convenience and requirement. We are always keen in uplifting sports infrastructure in India by new innovation and provide best quality products. PP tiles has transformed sports infrastructure flooring and has helped Rayzon to achieve the goal. We have expert in-house installation team for hassle free execution.

Some important factors:

  • High performance
  • Safe and durable
  • Low-glare surface
  • All weather
  • Excellent grip
  • Improved comfort
  • Zero maintenance


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Parking Space

PP tiles is a product that has a very high load capacity which makes it a product which can be used in parking spaces. It is a good replacement of tradition tiles, paver blocks etc. Different colour of PP tiles can be used for different parking spaces like handicap parking, VIP parking, Emergency parking, no parking zone etc.

Walking Path

PP tiles is a product which is very good shock absorber which makes it a good flooring option for walking path and walking tracks. Due to ease in installation and interlocking system the walking path can be changed or shifted as and when required.

Swimming Pool Area

Periphery area of swimming pool is always wet and very slippery. PP tiles having property of self draining system and excellent grip is the most suitable product for swimming pool area.

Rayzon has two types of PP Tiles:

  • Double Mesh - 15.6 mm
  • Single Mesh - 13.3 mm

Product USP

  • Flexibility to be moved and re-installed

  • High quality plastic with longer warranty period

  • Assured consistency during installation as the tile is made at the factory and not at site

  • Very low maintenance

  • Easier to install on subpar subfloors and terraces

  • Environment friendly. 100% recyclable raw materials.

Product technical specifications

  • 10 years warranty
  • Single mesh and double mesh with thickness 13.3 mm and 15.6mm respectively
  • Tested by Labosports
  • 100% natural ball bounce
  • Size 304 mm x 304 mm
  • Self drainage system
  • 7 connection points male/female

Prominent Projects

rayzon pp tile multipurpose court site image ITF Approved rayzon pp tile tennis court site image make in India PP Tile site image rayzon rayzon basketball court pp tile site image
PP tiles half basketball court Site Image Rayzon PP tiles Tennis court ITF approved PP tiles Multipurpose court Site Image PP tiles Basketball court FIBA approved
Badminton court PP Tiles Rayzon Site Image PP tiles Skating rink Site Image Rayzon PP tiles Badminton Court Site Image PP tiles FIBA approved Basketballcourt

Ancillary Works

  • Hassle free Installation
  • Skirting strip
  • Sub base work
  • Line marking
  • 2D & 3D layout design

Rayzon is promoting Make in India concept by manufacturing PP tiles in India. Our manufacturing unit has a capacity of manufacturing 5000 pieces of PP tiles per day.

We have a systematic distribution channel consisting of wholesalers, retailers & we supply products to end consumer as well. We also provide customised product in different colour combination and designs.

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